“disalata.com” is an interactive online video magazine, where young Egyptians can find entertainment, discover new experiences and connect with others based on similar interests. It is a platform for free expression, exploring talents and spreading inspiration. A one-stop destination for online videos, “disalata.com” satisfies an array of interests and tackles a variety of issues in our everyday life. From culture and fashion; to food and travel; to politics and poetry, the shows are Fresh, Bold and Colorful – delivering entertainment that is current, relevant and informative.


disalata.com” aims to promote entertainment that expands the mind; that encourages innovation and connects people through shared interests and online interaction. It aim is to build an online community that evokes thought, raises awareness as well as supports both the freedom in creativity and freedom of expression. Allowing young Egyptians – people like you and me – to spread their own ideas, values and of course originality, “disalata.com” paves the way to creating an enlightened community that challenges the status quo. Also, by engaging people in our search for ideas and solutions, they ultimately become an integral part of our team



Working as a partner with Di Salata , we are responsible for the development, design and delivery of all elements of the Website and Digital promotion for this exciting new video Channel in Egypt.  We continue to support this initiative with Executive investment and ongoing development of the proposition both on and offline.


Visit the site and enjoy : www.disalata.com