Social Media Development

Social Media, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter have transformed the way we communication with each other. From how we interact with friends and family to how we communicate our product preferences and engage with brands. At SAB Communications /Technowireless we create Social media strategies meeting short term promotional needs as well as building long term brand loyalty.

Our solutions include Creative development of Social Media Sites, Moderation of site content for our clients, through to Social Media application and games development to build engagement. We provide a total solution for leading clients including Mobinil, Egypt Air, Coca Cola and OKAZ.

Our services include:

AUDIENCE PROFILING - in partnership with the world leading Social media solutions provide Spredfast we are able to monitor and profile all your users Social Media activity

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – we can create your Social Media assets, establish company sites, and manage all social media moderation for your sites ensuring that user generated content meets your brand communication needs.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMISATION –creating the right network of social media assets that help to build loyalty and use, across all channels.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – ensuring your brand attributes are carried through into Social media services. Enhancing the user experience of your brand by developing applications unique to you that engage customers.

ANALYTICS REPORTING - this is the science that ensures that we learn from the Social media experience of customers – we are able to create valuable insight into your customers behavior in social media networks , profile active users to enhance your service development and investment.